Helix 10 DI - What to do?

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Helix 10 DI - What to do?

Post by BigBemen » Fri Jul 29, 2016 1:25 pm

Hello All-

I was hoping to get some opinions from the members of this forum. So here is my situation....

I currently have an 1197c SI installed at my console and a 798ci HD SI on my bow. The 1197 is using the XHS 9 HDSI 180 T transducer and my 798 is using the XNT 9 SI 180 T on the trolling motor mounted with a transducer shield.

I purchased a Helix 10 DI with the intention of moving the 1197 to the front of the boat and installing the Helix to the console. I was looking forward to the faster processor and hopefully improving the speed of the chart (it currently lags a bit when zooming in and out).

I do a lot of vertical fishing on Erie and was hoping to make it a bit easier with the upgrade. I am starting to have second thoughts about where to install the Helix. I want to make sure that I am maximizing the capabilities that both units have and would love to have some opinions of what others would consider in my situation.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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