Need Help from Skeeter owners with in-hull Transducer!!!!!!

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Need Help from Skeeter owners with in-hull Transducer!!!!!!

Post by jkz » Sun May 02, 2010 9:16 am

Hello fellow Skeeter owners

I have a 2005 TZX 190 and continue to experience problems with in-hull mounting. I cannot find the "sweet spot." In the instruction it says "as close to the centerline," but does this mean not directly on the centerline? If anyone has photos of there mounting location or could give me a detailed description of where they put the in-hull transducer. Also, does anyone have a transducer mounted on the transom of their boat? Up here in Canada I do not fish any areas with treetops or stumps like in the USA. Is this recommended for a better reading? Could the highspeed of these boats do damage to an externally mounted transducer.

Thanks JP

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Post by sonartech » Sat Jun 12, 2010 7:58 pm

Hi JP: Probably a little late in this answer, but if you haven't mounted the shoot thru the hull 200/83 kHz transducer, here is what I do.

I use a heavy duty baggie 1/2 filled with water and lay it in the chosen spot in the hull. Put the transducer on top of the baggie and then but another baggie 3/4 full of sand on top of the transducer to hold it in place. As long as the inside of the hull is relatively smooth, this will acoustically bond the transducer to the hull with very little air trapped between in. Take the boat out into 20' of water or more (deeper is better) and then see what kind of bottom echo you get. Turn down the sensitivity until you can just pick up an echo. Now try moving the baggies and the transducer around until you get the strongest echo. Once you find the "sweet spot" try several high speed runs and see how it works at speed. It will take some trial and error, but this method, lets you see how and where it will work before you "PERMANENTLY" bond it to the hull with epoxy.

Please note that shoot-thru-the-hull transducers will not work well if there is air trapped in the hull (IE: either wood or foam cored fiberglass hulls)

As far as the SI transducer on the transom, yes that can be damaged by high speed runs or jumping waves or wake. I would not mount it below the hull as the shoot-thru-the-hull transducer will look after the high speed readings and the SI transducer only needs to work at trolling speeds.
Hope this helps-good luck
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