788C v's 858

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788C v's 858

Post by robman » Tue Apr 06, 2010 6:17 pm

Hi Team, I'm in the market for a Bow mounted sounder upgrade, ( current x125 Lowrance) I have a 997 SI at the helm.

I need some info/advice to help with the selection. I have an Interlink in the boat now but it is not used, that is why I want a Humminbird to replace the Lowrance..

1/ Is the screen on the 858 any taller than than the 788C? I know the 788 is 5 inches diagonal and the 858 is 7 inches Diagonal, but that is meaningless if the screen height is the same. The 788 has a higher vertical pixel count.

2/ My vision is not as good as once was. could the 788C be mounted on a RAM mount? I know it has a quick release bracket could that go on a RAM mount? So i lift it up towards me a bit.

3/ With a quad beam is the Normal down beam exactly the same as the Dual beam plus Transducer? What I mean is nothing is lost in the transducer capability as a result of the quad beam?

4/ Whilst I like the 997 I can't see the advantage of having SI on the front if the boat, especially with regards to the cost, therefore I thought maybe quad beam would be a good add on, any thoughts?

Thanks Rob

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Post by Humminbird_Greg » Fri Apr 09, 2010 12:41 pm

1.) The vertical height of the 788’s display is 3.58 inches versus 3.43 inches for the 858 unit.

2.) Yes it can be mounted on a RAM type mount.

3.) The down beam is exactly the same as the DualBeam Plus transducer. Think of the QuadraBeam transducer as one of our standard DualBeam transducer with the two angled side beams added onto it.

4.) If you can understand it the Si sonar will give you more information if your fishing needs seeing what it out from, not under, the boat. The area covered by the QuadraBeam does not come anywhere near to what the Si units are capable of.
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