Hummingbird SI on SternMate™ (high speed adhesion system)

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Hummingbird SI on SternMate™ (high speed adhesion system)

Post by Captain Chris » Sun Mar 21, 2010 11:41 pm

Mounting your transducer most always is, without a doubt, a daunting experience. Trepidation involved in drilling those screw holes in your boat hull...well, you know that feeling! And you'd much prefer to avoid them if you could. Your transducer can now be mounted on SternMate™. SternMate™ is a high quality transducer mounting and management system installed with our proprietary high speed marine adhesive. SternMate™ is uniquely engineered to assist you in obtaining an optimum sounding from your electronic transducer....without damage or compromise to your boat hull. (The photos below are for illustration purposes only. Each installation is unique as applicable to your boat hull design, transducer type and location preference. SI transducer courtesy of Hummingbird/Johnson Outdoors 1/2010).

Hummingbird SI mounted on SternMate™...View from starboard

Hummingbird SI mounted on SternMate™...view from port

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